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The Alpilles, a unique terroir to savour!

For connoisseurs, the Alpilles region is a wonderful land that offers PDO labeled products, such as Wine and Olive Oil from the Baux-de-Provence Valley, Broken Green Olives and Salted Black Olives. In addition to its renowned and exported treasures, the Alpilles is a great place for endless gourmet journeys, meeting passionate artisans and exceptional products.

Head for the Benvengudo table! Bathed in light when you walk through its door, the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant enjoys a unique setting in the heart of a green environment: the Alpilles Regional Nature Park. In a decor of beautiful stones, wood and linen, Chef Thomas Voisin puts all the colours of the south, the tastes and scents of the garrigue on your plate! This talented Chef defends the quality and flavours of local products. He ensures that its fruits and vegetables come from local gardeners and himself harvests the aromatic herbs in the Domaine’s garden, just like the olives. This fruit with a thousand virtues is also served to the hotel’s guests in the form of a delicious tapenade, an unmissable Provence aperitif that the Chef makes in a traditional way.

Can you already hear the cicadas? Hotel Benvengudo proposes a gastronomic experience during a friendly workshop where you will learn how to make a Provencal aperitif: the famous olive tapenade, the traditional anchoïade…. On Saturday, October 12th, Chef Thomas Voisin will be pleased to reveal his tips and share his recipes with you. The workshop will then end with a tapenade tasting and an aperitif to discover the wines of the Baux valley, as a convivial moment to be shared with family and friends!

From 12:30 pm to 14:30 pm: Workshop and Aperitif in Provence, price of 80 euros per guest.

And for the most gourmets, after a sunny walk in the beautiful villages of Les Baux-de-Provence, extend your culinary journey at the Benvengudo restaurant, the evening. Enjoy the star dish: the rack of lamb from Provence, roasted and smoked with thyme from the hotel’s garden. Its preparation is perfectly mastered by the Chef who lovingly cooks it. The restaurant personnel presents it at the table in a steaming pot before the rack of lamb return to the kitchen for dressage. The meat is tender and melting, the small seasonal vegetables are golden, placed on a garlic-flavoured juice alike a wonderful picture.

The gastronomic restaurant of the Benvengudo hotel, an address that makes its guests happy!

To book your place, click on the table reservation button, enter the number of persons, the date of 12th of October, time 12:30 and enter the note Aperitif in Provence.

Saturday 12th of October
Provençal aperitif workshop, from12.30 pm to 2.30 pm

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