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Discover the birds of the Alpilles, lords of the cliffs

The Alpilles can be discovered in both winter and summer. It is even a particularly favourable season to explore the territory, where a completely different charm of Provence emerges, reserving beautiful sunny days, far from the strong heat and the crowds of summer.

The Alpilles Regional Nature Park, with its magnificent landscapes and famous perched village, contains an abundant and varied birdlife, rich in rare and heritage species.

On foot, by bike, mountain bike or horseback, you will evolve in a sublime scenery altering scrubland and cliffs, where you can meet Southern Shrike, Pitchou Warbler, Zizi Sparrow and Shepherd’s Tarier.

Perhaps you will see at the end of your binoculars, the Blue Mountain bird or rather rare wintering animals such as the Mad Sparrows or the Alpine Accentors, in search of food in the hallow of the cliffs dominated by the Château des Baux.

You can enjoy this calm and exceptional atmosphere around a picnic at the foot of the famous village of Les Baux-de-Provence.

With the day progressing, the birds of prey soon show up for our greatest pleasure: Kestrel Falcon, Buzzard and with a little luck, Bonelli’s Eagle.

At dusk, you can try to find the Grand Duke Owl, the largest night raptor in Europe, recognizable by its bewitching song !

Between agricultural worlds and vast wild spaces, Benvengudo hotel offers you its most beautiful hiking trails to do in its region.