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Five Things to Do Around Saint Remy-de-Provence

Benvengudo Hotel is a 10 minute drive from the charming village of Saint Remy-de-Provence. You’ll find plenty of things to do when you travel to this quaint Provencal settlement. Here are five sites you should visit in Saint Remy-de-Provence.

Site Archeologique de Glanum

Experience the unique history that has shaped Provence by taking a short trip to the Site Archeologique de Glanum; a town built in the Roman era. Some of the ancient settlement’s most impressive monuments including the mausoleum and the triumphal arch, the oldest in France, have withstood the test of time. Visit these historic sites and learn all about life in Roman Gaul.

Chateau Romanin

If you’re a wine enthusiast you have to make some time to visit Chateau Romanin whilst you’re in Saint Remy-de-Provence. Located on the northern edge of the Alpilles Mountains, this charmingly rustic estate boasts a glorious 58 hectare vineyard. The area is known for producing a range of sumptuously decadent vintages that you just simply have to try when you arrive at Chateau Romanin.

Jardin D’Alcinoos

Nature enthusiasts should make sure they devote some time to Jardin D’Alcinoos whilst they’re in Saint Remy-de-Provence. This park features a range of gardens including a Mediterranean garden, a medieval garden and a rose garden that present you with a unique chance to explore the stunning flora of Provence. We’d advise you to head off the beaten track; Jardin D’Alcinoos is meant to be discovered, not toured.

Lilamand Confiserie

Those of you with a sweet tooth will find yourself drawn to Lilamand Confiserie the second you set foot in Saint Remy-de-Provence. This quaint little confectionery shop at the heart of the village is known for producing a range of decadent treats such as candied fruit, syrups, marmalade and jam that are sure to dance on your tongue the minute you pop them into your mouth.

Musee Estrine

Explore France’s creative past by taking some time to tour the Musee Estrine when you stop by Saint Remy-de-Provence. This stunning example of grand 18th Century architecture houses a collection of paintings and graphic art from the 20th and 21st Centuries. We would suggest that if nothing else you tour the Van Gogh exhibit. This extensive showcase will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of one of art’s most fascinating luminaries.

Benvengudo Hotel

Benvengudo Hotel is a 4 star luxury boutique hotel located in Les Baux-de-Provence. Set in an authentic Provencal country house, its idyllic location offers a perfect base from which to explore this remarkable region in the South of France.

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