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Hotel Benvengudo celebrates its 50th anniversary!

The Benvengudo turns 50 this year and will blow out its candles during an exceptional night on November
3rd. For this occasion, our 4-star hotel also proposes a traditional themed afternoon around the provencal
fruit : the olive.

50 years of history, passion and emotions…

This lavish residence’s history, tucked away in the Alpilles, started when Maryse and Daniel Beaupied built
one of the first hotels in Baux-de-Provence. The Benvengudo thus became the inescapable charming
address of the region : bright and welcoming in once.

When the next generation took over the establishment, Carole and Viktor decided to write a new page of
history about this splendid hotel. This family saga continues and more precisely with the recent renovation
works undertaken at the Benvengudo.

This perfect mariage between tradition and modernity reminds the cuisine at the gastronomic Benvengudo
restaurant. At only 30 years old, the Chef Thomas Voisin offers a superior seasonal menu with tempting and
elegant dishes.

Program :

To open the celebration, the Benvengudo invites you to participate to the harvest of olives from the hotel’s
olive groves, accompanied by the Beaupied family itself, followed by a tour of the Domaine de Castelas
where sublime and tasteful olive oils are produced every year. You will also have the chance to taste some
of the oils of the Moulin Castelas.

For the anniversary party, the Chef prepares a gastronomic « Olivades » dinner to discover the rich authentic
heritage of the Champagne cuvées.

Bruno Dukan, sommelier and ambassador of the Billecart-Salmon house will also be attending this event
to guide the Champagne degustation while you will be enjoying a tasteful dinner.

Welcoming at Benvengudo & olives’ harvest guided by the Beaupied family
15h00 – 16h30

Delivery of olives at the Moulin Castelas & explanation of the olive oils’ making process
17h00 – 18h00

Return to Benvengudo & degustation of olive oils
18h00 – 19h00

Gastronomic 4-meal dinner with a touch of provencal savors and sublimated by selected Champagne cuvées

Discover Thomas Voisin’s elaborated Champaign Alliance menu.

The Benvengudo hotel will be pleased to celebrate its 50th birthday with you and promises a local, pleasant and sophisticated experience.
4-meal dinner & Champagne cuvées, 145€ per guest.

Booking : or call us at +33 (0)4 90 54 32 54